What is a White Lab?

A white lab is a yellow lab (see below for more information on Yellow Labs). They are registered as yellow labs as AKC only recognizes three colors (black, chocolate and yellow). Even though a white lab is a yellow lab they are still white in color. As you can see our pups are a nice bright white color. It is common for a few of the pups or adult dogs to have some shading of light yellow down the back, at the tip of the tail or on the ears and others will be completely white.

We can not guarantee any coat will stay the same or be a specific color or shade throughout puppyhood or as an adult. That is all governed by mother nature and is out of our control.

Even though we are breeding only the lightest shade of yellow labradors does not mean that we are not breeding for the perfect lab. We regonize that a lab should still meet the following critera: Breed Standards, Intelligence, Health, Natural Hunting Instincts and still be a calm, loyal family pet.


YELLOW:Yellow Labradors can range is shade from a very light cream (white) all the way to a fox red color with various darker shading along the ears, top line, tail and hocks. A small white spot on the chest is permissible, however will not be noticeable in the lighter shades of yellow. Yellow Labradors should have black pigment on the nose, lips and eye rims with the exception of newborn yellow as they are born without pigment but within the first few days of life, the black pigment will begin to come in. If by chance you see a two week old or older Lab puppy and he/she does not have black pigment already in, then that puppy will never have black pigment. A yellow Labrador without pigment is called a "Dudley". The black pigment on the nose of mature Labs can fade in the winter-time to a brown or pink color, this is very different from a true Dudley, it is very normal and the black pigment will return with warmer weather. Yellow Labradors that lack black pigment all together will have brownish or pinkish colored eye rims, foot-pads, nose and lips and they will never turn black. Dudley Labradors is a direct result from the yellow Labrador inheriting two sets of chocolate genes. Dudley Labradors are disqualified from being shown in the AKC standard and the United Kennel Club also disqualifies for lack of pigment. The FCI or "world" standard does not disqualify for lack of pigment.

BLACK: The basic color. Black Labradors are solid black. A small white spot on the chest is permissible. Sparse white hairs in between the toes and footpads are common in some of the blacks. Some mature black Labradors will have a red or orange hue to their coats at certain times of the year. This is known as casting. Casting can occur when the Lab is shedding and the hair is dead but also can be a result of bleaching from prolonged exposure to the sun.

CHOCOLATE: Chocolate Labradors can range in shade from a light to very dark chocolate color. A small white spot on the chest is permissible. Eye color on chocolates can range from yellow through brown. Darker coat and eye color are most desirable in chocolates. Washed out chocolate coats and light eyes are not attractive for this breed. The chocolate coat is hard to maintain in one uniform color. The sun easily bleaches the chocolate Labrador, giving him the appearance of various shades of the chocolate color scattered throughout the coat.

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